Mobile app Development

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Quickly identify performance issues and view the full end-to-end distributed trace to see the exact poor-performing API call and what caused it with Performance Monitoring. Measure everything from cold starts, warm starts, slow frames, to frozen frames so you can improve mobile performance with max efficiency, not max effort.

Scalable user management and compliance

With single sign-on, SAML, SCIM support, and audit trails, all Sentry customers have access to admin controls that govern identity, access, and usage to keep your data safe, secure, and centrally managed.

Automatic and Continuous improvement

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable with an outdated instance. While we deploy to production multiple times a day, Sentry is always up-to-date (without you even lifting a finger).


Build a code observability practice customized to your organization. With a dedicated support team, you can discuss product questions, get onboarding help, and provide product feedback almost instantly.